Hail is caused by the hot air that floats higher and blows the raindrops up to collide with the cold air mass above. It usually occurs in cumulonimbus clouds. Then the raindrops form icicles that fall to meet the hot air mass below. The moisture will encapsulate the ice to increase the size. After that, the wind then swept the ice pellets repeatedly between the hot and cold air masses within the clouds until it became a grain of ice that weighed more and the wind was unable to hold it, so it fell to the ground as called “Hail.”

There are many departments that are related such as the Department of Royal Rainmaking and Architecture Aviation. However, if you observe hail in Thailand, you may notify the Meteorological Department so that they can warn everyone in Thailand about the thunderstorms, high winds, hail, and lightning that may occur in many Thai regions. To ensure the safety of all people in Thailand, both Thais and foreigners.

Hail is typically associated with thunderstorms, and when it falls from the sky, it frequently damages buildings, property, agricultural crops, automobiles, and people. The following are the effects and the dangerous of hail:

  1. Requires high cost of repairing

          When the hail falls, the large trees around the house will fall first, and if lucky, the hail will fall into the open air area. Sadly, if unlucky, the hail will fall onto the roof or glass, which is seriously damaged and requires high repairing expenses.


  1. Bodily injury

Not only does it cause property damage, but if it falls on people, it may cause serious harm. If it falls on the head, it will result in a broken head.

  • How to prevent the accident from hail

Everyone should build strong buildings and roofs, and close doors and windows tightly to avoid shock and debris from blowing into their homes. Do not hide near glass roofs, doors, or windows because if the glass breaks, the glass can be stabbed. Furthermore, you should watch youngsters who go out to gather hail to play since there is a risk of falling hail.

In the past, there were many provinces in Thailand that received the negative effects of hail such as Kalasin Province, Ubon Ratchathani Province, Chaiyaphum Province, Mae Hong Son Province, or Khon Kaen Province. Hailstorms are frequently happening in the Northeast part of Thailand.

These are dangerous from the hailstorm that you may be faced with when traveling in Thailand. Don’t be panicked, please follow the ways to protect yourself and prevent it specified in this article. However, if you want to live in Thailand, I highly recommend you to purchase the expat health insurance in Thailand of Rabbit Care since if you suffer bodily injuries from the hailstorm such as head broken, the hospitalization or medical expenses are covered under the policy. There are many insurance companies partners available allowing you to compare the coverage and select the suitable one. Finding more information via https://rabbitcare.com/en/expat-insurance

The Hazard of hailstorm in Thailand